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CNV, Seq Var, and AOH 

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Discover the Power of One.

One workflow. One Software. One Assay. 

The wait is over for NxClinical 4.2! A single system for analysis and interpretation of genomic aberrations from Microarray and NGS. NxClinical supports Cytogenomics and Molecular genetics, specializing in visualization, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of CNV, Seq Var, and AOH. 

We are most excited about...
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Support for the latest platforms: Infinium GSA and CytoScan XON.


Variant Interpretation of any size ranging from SNVs to large CNVs.


Detection of CNV/AOH/SeqVar from a single NGS assay.


What they are saying in the field 

"My CAP/CLIA clinical lab has used BioDiscovery CNV software since 2012. I have evaluated many CNV analysis software programs and the BioDiscovery software always has been the best choice for my lab. I have watched the progression of their software development from Nexus Copy number to NxClinical 4.1 and have always been satisfied with their improvements. BioDiscovery listens to their customers and utilizes this information to improve and refine their software for clinical laboratories. NxClinical 4.1 continues to be intuitive to use, has a searchable database, and has new desirable features. I now use NxClinical 4.1 to analyze CNV data from the CytoScan XON array. I am able to define gene panels and only analyze the genes from a targeted list. Also, I like that NxClinical can be used to analyze NGS data to make CNV calls and I am in the process of evaluating this new feature."             

Todd Ackley headshotTodd Ackley, Manager, Michigan Molecular Genetics Laboratory (MMGL)

sharon_mexal headshot-1Dr. Sharon Mexal, Senior Director of Clinical Operations, Ambry Genetics


"We were eager to be part of the Early Access program and try out NxClinical 4.1 Beta. We have been using NxClinical for many years and each release has features that we find really useful. BioDiscovery has also been very receptive to feedback from us on feature requests and we are happy to see many of those implemented in version 4.1 as they make our interpretation process even easier."



NxClinical 4.2 New Feature Highlights
  • Enhanced trio/family analysis allowing extended family support and single recessive inheritance test for compound CNV and Seq Var events.
  • Parent of origin designation for UPD and CNV events.
  • Improvements to sequence variant interpretation engine with dynamic filtering of population  frequency, read depth, and quality, new transcript/regulatory elements annotation details, and finer control over filtering by variant consequences.
  • Support for new array platforms such as the CytoScan XON suite and Illumina Global Screening Array (GSA) allow use of BioDiscovery's gold standard calling algorithms for the latest technologies.

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