Nexus Copy Number 10.0 is Ready

Nexus Copy Number 10.0 has the next generation MSR algorithm for deriving copy number and allelic events from NGS data. The enhanced algorithm is optimized for NGS panel data where coverage across the genome is uneven, allowing the software to perform well on a variety of NGS data (WES, WGS, tageted panel, and shallow sequencing). 

Key Features of Version 10.0:

  • Improved results for panel data by minimizing distortion resulting from uneven coverage 
  • Systematic correction built into reference file and includes bin width and GC correction
  • Ability to display CN probes in linear (copy number) scale in addition to the log2 scale
  • Enhancements to the filtering sample attributes with support for multi-value filtering
  • Performance improvements with processing of BAM files now 2x faster 

Nexus Copy Number 8.1Our BAM MSR method uses a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) to segment the genome. It does so, using coarse binning in the “backbone” areas to provide copy number base line and large copy number events, as well as fine binning in “target” areas to provide high resolution copy number detection in targeted regions.

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See it in action: